The Prince's Rainforests Project recognise Appeal's research


The Appeal’s Orangutan Post-Release Monitoring Project in Borneo, is one of many projects around the world that are being recognised by the Prince’s Rainforest Project for rainforest conservation, sustainable income generation and biodiversity benefits.

The Appeal’s research project is the most long-term study tracking rehabilitated orangutans in the wild that has ever been attempted. The project aims to provide a sustainable future for the critically endangered orangutan species by ensuring rehabilitated orangutans are equipped with the vital skills needed to survive in the wild.

The Appeal also hopes to inspire protection and restoration of orangutan habitat conservation through increased awareness of the impact of massive biodiversity loss on a local and global scale. Sue Sheward, founder and chairperson of the Appeal is delighted that the Prince’s Rainforest Project is helping grow awareness of the need to urgently protect the worlds rainforest and shares the same outlook as HRH Prince of Wales ”to find ways to make the rainforests worth more alive than dead”.

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