Young orangutan rescued from plantation

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The Wildlife Rescue Unit (WRU) were despatched to a plantation in Sukau following a report of an injured orangutan.

A WRU veterinarian and rangers reached the area and were directed to where the orangutan was last seen. Fortunately, the team located the orangutan but he was very weak and made no attempt to flee. The team knew then that he was in danger and in need of help. They were able to carefully put him into a transportation crate and transferred him to Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre for further veterinary care.

Whilst underdoing assessment he suffered from a seizure, possibly brought on by a high fever. The team were able to stabilise him and provided him with the appropriate medication and treatment.

Sukau male orangutan rescue

He is now recuperating well and being cared for the team at Sepilok and is believed to be around 5-7 years old.

He has a good appetite and is much more active. He remains in the quarantine ward, which is to ensure he cannot pass on any potentially infectious diseases to the other orangutans. He will continue to be cared for at the centre until the veterinary team deem him fit for release.