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Sepilok team members thanked for their long service

Honouring our outstanding team members for their invaluable dedication and contributions throughout their years of committed service.


Celebrating Dedication

  • Ibri next to a orangutan
    Ibri - 18 years
  • Supervisor Lineker with orangutans on ropes above him.
    Lineker - 17 years
  • Care staff team member holding an orangutan's hand
    Victor -15 years
  • Sylvester with orangutans
    Sylvester - 13 years
  • Rico giving a thumbs up
    Rico - 11 years
  • Arnold caring a basket of bananas whilst smiling and giving a thumbs up
    Arnold - 11 years
  • Pamik giving thumbs up
    Pamik - 9 years
  • Bonny standing in the rainforest
    Bonny - 9 years
  • Reklin
    Reklin - 1 year
  • Jergen
    Jergen - 1 year
  • Dr Yohind - 1 year
    Dr Yohind - 1 year
  • _

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