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Close up of a orangutan hand.

Our work


The funds we raise enable us to champion many projects in Borneo, all with the aim of protecting the remaining populations of orangutans and their habitat.


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  • Orangutan hand and foot gripping rope at Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre

    Orangutan rehabilitation

    Rescued orangutans at Sepilok undergo a five-step rehabilitation programme to increase their chances of returning to the wild.

  • Orangutan Rescue

    Rescue & release

    We aid the rescue and release of orphaned, displaced and injured orangutans, as well as those who are victims of the illegal wildlife trade.

  • Education Photo

    Education & outreach

    We're dedicated to raising awareness and fostering support for orangutans through education.

  • Ann LO 3

    Liaison Officer

    Educating visitors about orangutan conservation and raising awareness for their plight.