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Regrow Borneo

Regrow Borneo is a reforestation program restoring forests in a way that will support wildlife and conservation as well as reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, while improving livelihoods for local communities


Veterinary Nurse

OAUK funds a dedicated local veterinary nurse named Ibritinah at Sepilok Rehabiliation Centre to care for the orangutans.


The Fire-Fighting Project

OAUK has been supporting the Borneo Nature Foundation (Formally known as OuTrop) since 2012. BNF work to protect large forested landscapes in Central Kalimantan, which contain several of the most important remaining populations of the Bornean orangutan. One of the biggest threats here is forest fires and we help BNF with the work undertaken to control and extinguish them each dry season.

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Liaison Officer

OAUK appoints a voluntary Liaison Officer at Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre who is responsible for promoting awareness of the plight of the orangutans and raising vital funds for the Appeal.

Sue Dr Sen At Tigers Release

Orangutan Translocations

Translocating orangutans who need more space into remote, wild reserves where they can live truly independent lives

Performing An X Ray

Clinic Equipment

The clinic at Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre provides 24-hour care to injured and sick orangutans and other wildlife. It is an important facility which increases survival rates for members of this critically endangered species. Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre is owned and run by Sabah Wildlife Department but Orangutan Appeal UK have helped to provide the clinic with vital equipment over the years. This has helped to improve diagnoses and treatment.

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